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The B.C. Government: Milk meddlers

Posted in Fuzzy Philosophical or Moral Issues by dave on March 21, 2010

Raw milk drinkers are refusing to be put out to pasture after a Chilliwack, B.C., dairy was banned from sharing unpasteurized milk.

In Thursday’s judgment, the B.C. Supreme Court backed the Fraser Health Authority’s permanent injunction to stop Home on the Range from selling its milk, claiming the dairy is “willingly causing a health hazard” under the Public Health Act.

But despite the order, the milk is still flowing in the Fraser Valley.

The dairy is “willingly causing a health hazard” even though customers of that dairy are going out of their way to buy unpasteurized milk, as opposed to easily getting standard milk at the grocery store.

It seems to me that the dairy isn’t “willingly causing a health hazard”, so much as the consumers voluntarily taking a risk to drink milk that they believe is more health and beneficial than what they would get at the store. Here’s the issue: Should individuals have the right, a basic right, to control what is going on with their own body? Does that right extend to taking risks with one’s own body? And who should make the decision as to which risks are too great, and which aren’t?

Society, and life, is inherently unhealthy. People make choices every day which are risky and arguably worse for their health than a different choice they could have made. For instance, I could buy a small salad for lunch, but instead I could get a Spicy Baconator from Wendy’s. Sure, the salad would better for me, but so what? If you take all the risk out of life, then you take all the life out of life.

Individuals should have the right to make choices about what they eat and what they don’t eat, and in an ideal society they should be responsible for the costs incurred by those choices. If individuals are going way out of their way to purchase unpasteurized milk, let em! The job of the government isn’t to control our diets or play mother when it comes to meal time – the job of the government is to defend our basic rights.


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