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Women should use guns to kill people who threaten them: reprint

Posted in Crime & Punishment, Politics by dave on March 23, 2010

(Editor’s Note: This is a reprint of an article I wrote in 2007.)

Since I have been warned by a member of the Women’s Collective, who shall remain anonymous, to stop ‘milking’ the issue of women’s rights, I have decided to pen a piece about a ‘woman’s’ issue. I was impressed by the recent “No Means No” campaign on our campus, with its sharing circle, films, march and social, but I feel that while the intention of the campaign was admirable, it overlooked an important piece of advice for women: Buy a gun, and learn how to use it.

Rape is one of the most monstrous crimes that exists. It is an offense that deserves the death penalty. (Ed note: Funny, I no longer believe in the death penalty. Oh how we change.) I am sorry to say that no amount of marching, sharing circles, films or awareness is going to bother the typical violent rapist. Coming face to face with the end of a barrel or being shot, on the other hand, will bother him greatly.

While both men and women can be the victims of rape, the consequences for women tend to be  much more serious. Fighting back tends to not work nearly as well for women, as typically their assailants are male and, on average, men are stronger than women. Guns are a type of equalizer for a woman, a powerful tool for self-defense. More powerful than the conventional weapons liberals point us to (mace and kicks to the groin). A well aimed shot from her hip to his head will have a greater deterrent effect than a weak kick to his thigh.

What about the police? Isn’t it their job to protect people? Of course it is, but police aren’t always around and they’re often busy, taking time to respond. Police are a necessary and useful service in our society, but to entrust one’s personal safety’ and the safety of one’s family solely to the police is irresponsible at best, immoral at worst. Indeed since many crimes are never solved, the justice system may be less of a deterrent to the criminal than the knowledge that their potential victim may be carrying a firearm. The fact that guns deter crime is well known to liberal politicians and celebrities, who while arguing vociferously for handgun bans, often have armed bodyguards or escorts.

This is not to say that guns are not dangerous and, similar to automobiles, if used recklessly they can lead to accidents. However, the leftist approach to firearms is a single-minded one and can blind them from seeing that guns, just like automobiles, can make our lives better and much more secure.

Gun ownership is the not the only means to prevent or deter rape. A well-founded understanding of the inherent dangers of drug and alcohol use, as well as a recognition of areas which are traditionally dangerous for anybody, not just women, is a good way to avoid criminal incidents. With some ‘street smarts’ you can avoid the majority of incidents, and with training, practice and experience with a firearm, you can defend yourself in the case of unavoidable incidents.


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