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ObamaBush ruining the economy: Saturday morning link roundup

Posted in America by dave on April 3, 2010

12.7 trillion dollar debt
1.4 trillion dollar deficit

Underemployment rose in March (Last month) to 20.3%

Unemployment is 9.7%

Social Security is now paying out more in benefits than it takes in on payroll taxes

Baby Boomers are beginning to retire

Medicare is becoming insolvent

Businesses have been hurt by Obama’s health care bill and it’s costing them billions and hurting employees


Oops, what are you talking about Coulter

Posted in America, Blogs & Bloggers, Politics by dave on March 27, 2010

Coulter calls Canada the least diverse country she’s seen
Few protesters on hand before U.S. pundit tells crowd they’re least diverse she’s ever seen

The polite crowd of 900 listened as Coulter talked about diversity, gays, and bias in the media.

The audience gave a huge cheer when Coulter proposed making Calgary the 51st of the United States.

She said Canada was the least diverse country she’s seen — which brought objections from the audience, but she pointed out that everyone in the crowd looked like she did.

Huh. I guess its too bad Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world.

The Great American Discussion

Posted in America by dave on March 26, 2010

The Great American Discussion

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Why the Obama health bill cannot work

Posted in America, The Economy by dave on March 22, 2010
The way insurance works is simple. Its a risk pool. Individuals pay premiums into a central pool, and claims are paid out from the central pool. Actuaries gauge the statistical risk of potential clients to either accept them, reject them, or accept them with various exclusions or a rated policy.
A rated policy is one where premiums are higher than they would be due to extra risk from a pre-existing condition or habit. An exclusion is where the policy won’t cover certain pre-existing conditions, for instance if you had problems with your back they may accept you but exclude claims based on your back.
The Democrats have suggested rhetorically that companies will no longer be able to reject people because they have pre-existing conditions. This means the average amount of risk per client will rise, as people with serious medical problems will be able to get insured and immediately add a considerable expense load on the risk pool.Insurance firms generally only make 3-4% profit margins at the end of the day.
The idea that you can force companies to have a considerably higher expense load on the risk pool, without significantly raising premiums is a fantasy. If you block them from raising premiums, the companies become insolvent.